A shot of POSITIVE!

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All the feels

Today I have all the feels. Though I love what I do and appreciate my business all the time, there are days that it gives me a jolt. There are times when I have to pinch myself to see if it’s real and if I’m truly this fortunate. At this time in our world there is so much going wrong. I’m extremely aware and empathetic. So much so that I hesitate to share my post today, but know I need to.

Nearly NINE years ago I bought a kit and started what would turn out to be my own business. I had no idea that direct sales was really a business. I just thought it was a great way to get a discount on products that you loved to get all the time. After a couple of years in to it, I realized it was much bigger than I would have ever imagined.

Fast forward

Fast forward to now. I’m an Executive Director and working on promoting our team to a Presidential Director team (which is the top of the top!). My income surpassed what I was making in my hospitality career so I was able to resign from that in 2016. I’ve made an incredible amount of wonderful friends. My husband and I have gotten to travel more in the last several years than in our entire lives. It has afforded us choices that we didn’t have before. And on top of all of this, there are a lot of perks that come with my title!

In the event you have EVER thought about starting your own business, I’m here to tell you that Direct Sales is a GREAT option. There is no brick and mortar building and start up cost. No overhead. Only A very small start up kit price to get you going with everything you need. No inventory to have to hang on to unless you want to set up at events or like me, have a small stash to grab when I’m in a pinch and need something for a gift or give away! So basically, no risk. TONS of reward. All you have to do is apply yourself!


Perks I’ve earned along the way include a fantastic payday every month, custom made Pink Zebra Boots, a Paisley necklace and bracelet, a Pink Diamond tennis bracelet, a crown, free admission to our Reunion, the opportunity to lead at Rallies, to see the Catalog a week or so earlier than everyone (this is a fun perk at the Executive Director level!), an extra treat at our Reunion (2019 we got to take a private plane over the Grand Canyon!), and an upgrade at the reunion hotel when it’s available!

We also all have the opportunity to earn the Pink Sapphire Award, AND an incredible Incentive Trip each year! What I love is that EVERY consultant has the opportunity to do all of these things. Grit and determination, a good game plan, and knowing what your end goal is so that you will stay focused and on track will all help you achieve these things! And the best part is that if you just want to take a fabulous trip on someone else’s dime and you don’t care much about the rest, you can just focus on that part! It’s all up to you!

So fortunate

And finally, during a time like this when things are so upside down, we have been so fortunate that our Home Office has worked to keep our doors open and continue to serve our customers. We have consultants that are able to pay bills because of their Pink Zebra Business. So for that, I’m so grateful.

So thank you for letting me share a little shot of positive this week. I do know how blessed I am that my friends shared this business opportunity with me, and I’m SO thankful I took it. If there’s any inkling in you that wants to know more, I would love to have a conversation. No pressure at all, just so you have the information to make an informative decision.

If you are having a tough time now, know that our prayers are nonstop and we are ready for our country to get back on track. Love and peace,

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