Are you IN or OUT?

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Sounds like a simple question, right? Are you a business owner or working in a business where you aren’t sure? Stop and ask yourself.

When you are having a rough day, what do you do with your business? Do you keep going?

When something goes wrong, what kinds of things are you saying? (Out loud or even to yourself?)

When people jump on the bandwagon to complain, what are you saying?

How did you answer these questions?

We all tend to fall in to it if we aren’t careful. When we are having a tough day, do we work our business anyway? Do we take that appointment anyway?

When you run in to challenges, do you throw your hands in the air? Do you give up? Or do you march on?

What happens when we vacillate between in and out?

Sadly, when we are not firmly planted in the “IN” position, many things can go wrong.

For starters, We get in to a pattern where we easily get upset and complain. Or get caught up in drama.

I’ve noticed that when I am in “go” mode, I don’t let things distract me. It’s easier for me to deal with a challenge and find a solution, and then get right back to being focused.

What I’ve seen is people that go back and forth, they tend to be swayed easier in to the distractions. And it seems to take them a bit longer to pull out of it.

I want to be all “IN”, so how do I make that happen?

What I have found is if I catch myself doing anything that could distract me from being positive, I stop. We have to be very intentional with what we allow our minds to focus on.

If you find that you are getting caught up in a lot of drama, consider what the source is and restrict access from it as much as you can. If certain people provide drama all the time, rethink how often you connect with them. If you find drama on Facebook, consider monitoring how often you are on. I have turned off notifications and even unfollowed people to protect my mindset.

Be honest with yourself

The biggest thing in my opinion is to be honest with yourself. If you aren’t sure whether you are all in or not, but you want to be, then determine what changes you need to make and make them!

I also recommend that if you are trying to be all ‘IN’, you must avoid negative talk and/or gossip. It creates so many challenges. Just with our mindset alone, it is detrimental to our production.

Remember that when faced with a challenge, you can find a solution. But start working on a solution as soon as you can before you find yourself all worked up and feeling super negative about your situation.

It’s ok to take a short break, but how often do you need these?

We all have things in life that come up and must be dealt with outside of our business. The power and water outages this week in Texas were a great example. In this case, we let people know of our challenge and that we would be back online as soon as possible!

But have you noticed that you have a lot of excuses? Be careful of falling in to that trap! When we are our own boss, it’s easy to take every little challenge that arrises and use it as an reason why we aren’t working. If your goal is to stay ALL IN, then take a hard look at these excuses and decide where you need to make some changes.

Bottom Line, it’s up to you.

Yep, it’s true. YOU have to be the one to determine if you are going to be ALL IN or not. I can share from my experience that once you make that decision and then go all in, you’ll be more productive and manage a much better attitude! So if you love what you do, make that decision! Go for it and go all in!

Good luck and cheers to much success!

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