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Coming off of the Pink Zebra Rallies across the US and Canada this past Saturday, the energy is high and the excitement is off the charts. The best way I can describe what happened was just to say that we went back to our WHY and sharing our stories about HOW we got started. Sometimes our stories are more important than the newest product or newest sales technique, don’t you think? I sure do.

Just one of many. The Tyler TX Rally

Since the beginning of this year, I’ve heard the company sharing more stories with us about when and why they got started, along with sharing about lives that have been changed by this journey. Meaning us! The individuals that have started their own PZ Business!


At this particular Rally, our Founders shared a video with us that truly took us back to before they began. What I particularly loved about this was that I’ve personally known them a long time. Back to way before PZ was ever even a thought. So I say that to say that I KNEW them. I knew the kind of incredible people they are and the talent they have in the home fragrance industry. But what I love about that video is that now OTHERS can get to know them back to long before PZ. And that they have been doing candles and Home Fragrance for a LONG time. And their passion is stronger than ever. For the industry, for home fragrance, and even more so, for the people of Pink Zebra.

Me and Kel “way back when” 🙂


The Directors and above spent a couple of days at a ranch in Texas at the first of the year where we were off the grid. Literally! During that time we shared our stories with one another. It really breaks down barriers when you can learn about someones struggles or just where they come from. It also helps me remember why we shouldn’t judge one another.

Stand up!

So now, we are at this Rally on Saturday, and after hearing the Founders share their story, (along with a couple of others that shared), we ended with an exercise. It was the Stand Up for Someone exercise that is similar to one that Rachel Hollis does at her RISE Conference. Ours was geared toward our business rather than some real personal things that Rachel does, but it was still amazing. As the questions are read and more than half of the room stands up for the person that actually marked that box, you can’t help but get a bit of a lump in your throat. It really brings us to see that we aren’t alone. No matter how much we may think we are sometimes. We aren’t alone.

It just brings us all closer

Going forward

So now, as we go forward in this new year, my heart is in a good and grateful place. We are getting back to where we came from, where we were before our lives were changed because of this business, where we are now, and where we see ourselves going from here. I hope to learn more about you, the person reading this, as well. We all have a story and we are all important. AND we often have more in common than we realize. We struggle the same struggles often times. So let’s remember that and work on being kind to one another and standing up for each other more often.

Until next time…love and hugs,

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