Become Your Own Boss: Five Reasons Why You Should

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1. Choose your schedule

With a flexible schedule, I now LOVE Mondays! Why? Because I have mapped out my week the way I want to work it!

It helps to be a highly motivated person and keep your calendar busy with revenue producing plans. And the great news is you get to choose when and how you will do it. You may recall my blog post about my theme days? Planning out your days this way ensures you keep track of everything, stay on course, and still have fun doing it!

In January I had to make several trips to see my son who is about 4 hours away. I was able to move my schedule around for the in person things, and still work my business for the remainder of it whether I was at home or with him. I didn’t have to coordinate with a boss. I am the boss! I kept telling myself how fortunate I was that I could just pick up and go like that! So again, flexibility was such a huge asset!

2. Make more money!

When you are your own boss, you also choose to focus on what is most important. This means that if having parties and/or making sales is important, you lean in on that! If growing your team needs attention, you can carve out the time along with the tasks to focus on that.

As long as you know what your goals are, you can dive in to what tasks will help you meet them. Focus on what will help you grow your business!

One of the beauties of Direct Sales is that you can determine how many hours you want to work based on the dollar amount you are going for each month or week. Then as you grow your team, your goals will increase because your income will too!

When having your own business in a Direct Sales industry, there are typically other perks we work toward as well as the income! In Pink Zebra we have many additional perks!

  • Annual Incentive Trips to fabulous destinations
  • Jewelry at different promotion levels, including custom made Boots at Director Level
  • Being recognized at rallies and our annual reunion for different achievements
  • The opportunity to train other consultants
  • Attending our Annual Reunion where new products are highlighted, along with training and meeting other consultants and making new friends

3. Work with like-minded people

There are so many opportunities to meet new people, and each time these chances come up, I find that I meet a few that become good friends. The beauty of this business is that as we are each our own boss, we can come together to collaborate on ideas and provide each other support and encouragement too.

Duane and I love to share what we have done in our business over the past ten years, but we also love to learn from others. We do team trainings together, but we also encourage others to share their successes and how they achieve them. With all of the content between us and others that contribute as well, there is an abundance of resources for anyone just starting to get a good start! Or even someone wanting to reboot, to get some great ideas.

4. Amazing products

When you decide to be your own boss, especially in the Direct Sales industry, you want to find a product that you are passionate about. Preferably a consumable one too! But your passion and excitement will shine through and be a huge plus for you.

You want products you can stand behind, as well as a company that has a strong foundation. My love for Pink Zebra is clear to anyone that knows me, along with my belief in our Home Office team. You absolutely want this when you decide to build your business and be your own boss. This, and the reminder of why you are doing what you are is what will keep you going on rough days. (and with anything, there are going to be some rough days!)

5. Personal growth

Being your own boss provides incredible potential for personal growth. Stretching out of your comfort zone, getting comfortable talking on “lives” or videos, pushing yourself to meet new people, and so much more.

When I first began Pink Zebra I had not spoken to a large group. I was comfortable speaking one on one to my clients, but I had never stood up in a room of 80 people to talk. I’ll never forget my first opportunity to do so at my first Annual Reunion. I felt sick to my stomach and wanted to back out, but I didn’t. It was somewhat of a blur, but when I was done I was proud of myself for fighting my fear! That’s personal growth!

The year I left my hotel sales job, I jumped in to doing more with my business and I had the opportunity to be interviewed on a business radio show with Kevin Price in Houston! My first thought was NO WAY. I was so nervous, but I accepted it, and just did it. It was one of the most memorable and fun things I’ve done and I will never forget it! Saying yes to the things that scare you, definitely promotes personal growth.

I have team members that had never flown in an airplane before, but took a flight to come to our annual meeting or to meet us on an Incentive Trip. BIG time first! And they were so proud of themselves!

There are so many personal growth opportunities when you are your own boss. Just making the commitment to start your own business and doing it, that’s personal growth in itself!

If you’d like more information about becoming your own boss and beginning a new business with Pink Zebra, email me at

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