Best Decorating Tip Ever

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I’ve always loved decorating and redecorating my home and favorite spaces. Often times though, I’d be at a loss on what to do or what it was I was really going for. Years ago my girlfriend gave me the best decorating tip EVER. I have used it ever since.

Get started

Sometimes the hardest part is just to start. We know we want to make some changes, but tearing things apart or starting that process can be daunting. Fear of the unknown maybe. Or fear that we won’t like what we’ve done.

Duane knew this about me back when we had some big things we wanted to do, so when I would be gone working on a Saturday, there were a few times I came home to one of the rooms being completely taken apart! One Saturday afternoon I came home to find my bathtub in the front yard!!

He realized that if he tore it apart, we’d have to put it back together. And sometimes I was slow to pull the trigger on a redo, so that was his way of resolving that challenge! HA!

One thing usually evolves in to more

Just know that when you do one thing, it usually will evolve in to another. For example, last fall we finally painted our kitchen cabinets! They looked fantastic, but suddenly the old tile floor was an eye-sore. So guess what?! We decided to redo the flooring in the kitchen.

But to do that we may as well go ahead and redo the flooring in the entire downstairs so that it was all one type of flooring. So, we set out to do that.

Then of course, with new flooring, we realized we may as well paint the walls because it had been a while and we wanted to brighten up our space and use lighter colors.

So be ready for more. It never fails. LOL

Long story short…the best advice

Let’s jump to the point here. When putting our house back together, we wanted to completely change things up. So we did! We swapped the living room with the dining room! We just went for it. Why? Because if we hated it we could always put it back.

The advice…DO it. Do what you think would be neat but aren’t sure. Then SIT IN THAT for awhile. We didn’t hang anything on the walls right away. We just sat in the rooms for a while to see how we felt about it. To get other ideas to be sure this was our favorite.

Once we were sure that we were totally in love with this new set up, we put things on the walls.

So don’t be afraid to just sit in your space and take it all in for a bit. Go for the bold ideas because you can always switch it back.

Although you want to be spot on when it comes to flooring choices, you can always repaint or rearrange again! So go for it!

We are loving it

We have been putting things up on the walls now and we are LOVING our new spaces! And it has me motivated to move other things around and redecorate other spaces now. Just for fun.

I love seeing pictures or hearing about redecorating ideas, so feel free to share with me! I’d love it!

Happy decorating!

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