Big Goals, Feelings, and WHY?

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Last week

Last week we talked about why you wanted to be your own boss! If you missed that blog, you can go back and read here. We did talk about ‘why’, but in Step 2 of the Goal Setting Workbook & Planner, it’s time to dive in to this even more.

How does it make you feel and why?

In fact, often times when I think about my BIG goal, I try to think about how I want to feel. What I want, and how that makes me feel. Then describe why it will make you feel this way. Some examples of this that have been shared with me are:

  • I like being able to make my car note each month. It makes me feel good to be contributing to the family finances and I feel accomplished and have more confidence.
  • I want to quit my corporate job and replace my income with my business. This will give me a sense of freedom and I’ll be able to spend more time with my family!
  • I want to earn an all expense paid trip and be able to take my spouse. We have always wanted to travel, and this would make me feel confident and full of joy to be able to take a paid vacation somewhere fun and make lots of memories from it!

Those are just a few of the things I have heard. Someone once told me they had just moved and were new to town. Being a part of our direct sales company would give them a sense of community and friends, and make them feel more at home.

Take the time to think about it

I love hearing all of the different goals and the feelings that each one of us look for in them. So take some time and really think about what your big goal is, and the feeling you know you would get from it. Also consider why that feeling is important to you!

In all my years of listening to motivational speakers and reading their books, it does seem to come down to how an action makes us feel. So wouldn’t it make perfect sense for us to think about the feeling when having a goal? And on days we aren’t feeling too great, it makes a big difference if we can draw on that feeling we are working toward by staying on track to reach our goal.

Don’t go further until you have this one

It’s SO important to know your goal and how it will make you feel before going any further, so if you haven’t yet, think about this question. And think bigger than just that it will make you feel “good”, or “happy”. Why will it make you feel good or happy? Just dive as deep as you can!

I’ve had people tell me they just want to promote to Director. That’s great, but why? What is it that you are looking for that promoting is your big goal? And then ask yourself how it will make you feel when you achieve that goal, and why is that feeling important?

Sounds simple, but when you really dive in, I’m curious to see what you come up with! Mine was more difficult than I realized when I went to put it on paper and explain the feeling I wanted to get from it.

I’d love to hear from you! Cheers!

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