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One of my favorite times of the year with my business is when we all come together for our Annual Reunion! (It’s our annual conference, but because we are like family, we call it a Family Reunion). This year was my 8th to attend. When I sit down to recap our event, I find it hard to capture the right words sometimes! Because I have all the feels. It’s truly a remarkable time! So bare with me as I do my best to recap without getting all mushy on you!

My PZ Family!

The thing I love the most is seeing all of my PZ Family! Facebook brings so many of us together, so that once we do meet someone in person, we feel like we’ve truly known them forever, right? Getting to actually hug someones neck or sharing a laugh helps us connect as humans, and that is one the most rewarding things for me. And we all go camera crazy as well! We have such a short amount of time to see so many faces and connect with as many as we can, so we are all snapping those photos to have as we look back on after our event to reminisce.

Tons of photos to remember each moment!

Product Reveal!

Then the product reveal! Oh my goodness! That in itself is amazing! We are in this business to share Pink Zebra, and our product line is fantastic. It’s always so exciting to see how the PZ Home Office Team has displayed everything in to beautiful decorative settings. I feel as though I say this each year, but truly, THIS year was the best. They had different settings set up for us to see how our gorgeous Accent Shades can be displayed! Even an entire wedding venue look was set up so that we can see how these items can be used for someones special day!

Beautiful pieces for a Wedding!


Next is the learning! We had two fantastic Speakers this year! Dr. Laura Cole gave us great insight on manifesting our dreams to fruition. She helped us break through those paradigms holding us back so that we can truly visualize what we are looking for in the future, and then focus on making those things a reality! Then we heard Justin Prince. He is an incredible motivational speaker who gave us tips on our mindset, as well as real steps to believing in ourselves and our business and building our empire. We walked away with an energy like never before. And what is fabulous is that today, a week later, that energy is still as strong throughout the company!

Bringing the energy!


Leadership is a cool thing in Pink Zebra. The day before our main Conference begins, PZ treats the Leaders to a great and memorable day each year. This year we got to go to the Grand Canyon, and then ended the day with dinner in Sedona. It was incredible. And THIS year, as an Executive Director, they added a special surprise! We got to go to the Grand Canyon by Executive Plane and fly over! It was truly one of the most beautiful sceneries I’ve experienced. Our photos do not even do it justice, so here’s a picture of those of us that got the extra special treat!

Executive Plane to fly us over the Grand Canyon

My Husband!

And finally, one of MY personal favorite things is that my husband is 100% supportive and works the business along with me. He attends as many things as he can with me. We can cheer one another on, and have wonderful memories to talk about once we come back home. He has made great friends in this business as well. And YES, there are a ton of husbands that participate and enjoy the fun and benefits of being in this business!

So many amazing memories with my love!

Something for all!

We have all come in to this business for different reasons. Some join because they just want a discount on their purchases, some join for the connections and friendships they want to make and be a part of, some join because they love that we have our HEROES Charity for Single Moms. Others join because they want to eventually retire but still have something fun to do OR they want to just quit Corporate America! If you have ever thought you’d like something more, or just think a side gig would be fun, I’d love to talk to you! It has been the most fun I’ve had with a J.O.B. in my life! Join me!

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