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At the first of each year I love to think about ways to celebrate and challenge one another. This particular year I already had a few fun challenges in place, so decided just to see what I could tweak a bit!

Do you have a team? Whether it’s a team of 2 or 2000, it’s always good to challenge and celebrate them! I’ve learned that some won’t participate, which is ok. Those that do are the ones I focus on and the ones I try to bring good energy for!

In my situation, I have three different groups that I focus on. One group consists of the team members that I personally sponsored in to the company. A second group is for those members along with their teams. Then I have a third group that consists of anyone within the PZ Family that needs and wants a home and a place to learn and communicate. So, for each group I have different challenges!

Personally Sponsored

In my Personally Sponsored group, I simply do a weekly shout-out. The key is to make it consistent and on the same day each week. I have found that now there are members of that group that LOOK for that post each week and do their best to be on it! I chose a shout out regarding Sales Volume, because after all, we are all in sales!

Building for Tomorrow

This group is for those of my team that also invite their team members to join. Here we do what I call the Beat the Executive Director Challenge. This is important because I’m challenging them to do what I already have done. I would not ask them to do something I’m not doing myself, so this challenge is great because they get to see exactly what I did the month before! A drawing is done with all of those that Beat the ED, and the winner gets a gift from me.

Along with the Beat the ED Challenge, we also have a Recruit One Challenge. Recruiting is so important in our industry, as building a team is where you begin to really see the income opportunity. So, it’s important to encourage recruiting and keeping it top-of-mind each month! Again, a drawing is done with all of those that Recruited at least one person, and the winner gets a gift from me!

This year, I’ve also added a Quick Start Challenge. Our Quick Start is something that PZ offers to get a new consultant off to a great start by earning what we call Pink Dollars. I’ve added this challenge so that the sponsor will encourage and train the new team member so that they have a great shot at hitting their Quick Start. The challenge is for anyone that hits QS1, they and their sponsor get their names in the drawing! A drawing is done with all that meet the challenge and the winner (in this case both the consultant and the sponsor) will get the prize!

Paisley’s Peeps

And finally our BIG group. Here is where I made the biggest change this year. We have our Top Ten to Beat each week so that we still focus on the importance of sales, and this also seems to really encourage others to see what kind of potential there is to hit!

Here I’ve added our “Who Inspires You?” challenge each week. I think I love this one the most. Consultants are encouraged to share who inspired them the most over the last week. It can be for anything. They had an amazing week in sales. They helped a neighbor get settled in to their new home. They volunteered their time at an animal rescue shelter. They are always upbeat and positive, even in the face of challenges. Anything!! The goal is to lift one another up! Then, at the end of the week, I’ll do a drawing of everyone that was mentioned and announce a winner. I’ve also decided to give a continued shout-out from time to time so we are sharing with the world how amazing people are every single day.

How about you?

So what kind of challenges do you do for your team? What kind of celebrating do you do with them? For me, I take such pleasure in these things because it gives me an opportunity to shine a light on others. I would love to hear ideas that you have or things that you’ve done! Let’s help spread this kindness and light. Goodness knows the world needs more of it!

Love to you!

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  1. Annie Roy

    You are so wonderful Dana, i’m glad i join PZ in october to help out my wonderful manager Melanie Fournier but turn out that this was more then help out , glad she introduce me to your group and all the PZ family , thanks to Melanie i found another extended family that i did not know existed 🥰🥰🥰

    • Dana Lea Loukanis

      Thank you so much Annie! And I’m SOOO glad you joined PZ! Cheers to an amazing 2020 and beyond!


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