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Decorate and Love Your Space!

Dana Loukanis

Dana Loukanis

Hi! I'm Dana! I'm a married mom (empty nester to be exact), have 2 dogs, and am a Team Leader inspiring others in their Business! I love providing what I believe is the best home fragrance and décor on the market today!

Let’s decorate!

There are tons of decorating tips out there that are available. Tons. I know there are some “rules” too, but my rule is to not count anything out until I’ve tried it.


I love combining different textures through out my space. Rustic wood that has that old rough feel next to a smooth glass. Our Crackle glass Simmering Light inside a smooth wooden Accent Shade. Even the rough antlers on the Accent Shade here mixed in.



We are supposed to decide on the colors we want within our space and limit ourselves to just a few. I break the rules here too.

Granted, I do have a couple of basic colors, but I love adding different pops of color everywhere.

For example in my office, the walls are yellow and my furniture is rustic wood, so I do have colors that compliment this. I have artwork with sunflowers, so more yellow and a lot of green mixed in. BUT…I also have teal & turqoise colors mixed in there too. I love it! Breaking the rules? Maybe, but who cares!

Who loves a chandelier?

And can I just mention that if you have the opportunity to use any kind of fun lighting, DO IT! I love having a chandelier in my office.

Stack and raise pieces!

My last tip is to use different things to raise some of your pieces to spotlight them! I have a woven tray with several items in it here, but have also used a beautiful cake plate to raise up one of my fun glittery Accent Shades for the season.

Stacking, raising, layering…all fun things to keep in mind when decorating!

Stack! and use things to raise pieces!

You do you!

So basically what I’m saying is, if you try it and love how it looks, then go with it! Break some of the decorating rules. Set new ones! The important thing here is to LOVE it!

Happy decorating!

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