Did you just attend a super motivating conference?

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There’s nothing like attending a conference and getting all pumped up! Making you want to get out there and hustle! To make things happen!! How many times do we say “THIS IS IT!” “I’m going to do it this time!”

Then, we get back to our homes, our desks, our lives. Suddenly we are back in the day to day things. A few weeks pass and we realize we haven’t done those things we were all pumped up to do yet. Hmmm.

Nearly all of my adult life I have had the opportunities to attend company conferences. At those conferences we always had the greatest motivational speakers! I would take tons of notes. I was pumped up and ready to have the best year yet. Then I would get home. I would have a day or two of still being excited, but ‘life’ stuff stole my focus. Suddenly that notebook with all of those notes is sitting on the side of my desk just teasing me. I would look at it and think “tomorrow!” Then a month goes by and that notebook has been moved to a drawer or a shelf. Oops!

And maybe, just maybe, something comes up and I grab that notebook to look at my notes to get some inspiration. But now they just look like I was doing a lot of scribbling, and I have a difficult time making sense of all of it. Some, sure. I kind of remember where I was going with the notes, but not all of them. So once again, that notebook gets put back on the shelf “until I have more time to decipher it”. Yep. Sure. “I’ll get back to it” does happen.

Make the most of your notes!

I attended a conference about three years ago where I decided I was going to do it differently this time. It made a huge difference, and I find now that I get a little better every single year. Here’s what I do different now:

  • I listen more. I know that sounds weird, but when I am scribbling down a bunch of notes, I seem to miss some of the message! So now, I simply listen more. I make a note of a few words that will help remind me, or if there was a quote I want to remember, but I truly focus on what the speaker is saying. You’d be surprised what you are missing when you are worried about writing down everything or taking photos of the slides! (Some of the best speakers will say “write this down” which I LOVE! So hint to speakers out there…do this!)
  • When the speaker or session is done, I quickly go back to the words I’ve written and make some notes on what stood out to me.
  • Within the next several hours I go back again and this time I highlight the things I really want to remember. Many times we have notes that we think are going to be important, but when you consider what you will actually implement in to your life, you realize it can’t be everything, so highlight those things that you absolutely want to implement.
  • I love to take another highlighter color and highlight or put an asterisk next to the things I want to share with my team or associates.
  • This is probably the most important thing. Put ON MY PLANNER a block of time that I am going to sit and go through my notes again. I like to do it within the first 2-3 days of getting back home, but it’s essential to block off time on my planner so that I know it will happen.
  • Once I have revisited my notes, I like to make additional notes in my planner on days that I am going to focus on something. Maybe it’s something to put in to action that I learned. Or something I want to share with others. But just like an appointment, I go ahead and make a note to “get it done” and when I’m going to do it.

They are simple things, but what I have found is that I remember more of what I just experienced and I have revisted it and put in to a plan of action. This helps when you have a big goal you are working toward.

For example, if you have decided you want to earn the Incentive Trip and you heard a great message on some new sales techniques that you can put in to place as soon as you are home to help you achieve that, then revisit your notes right away when you are home. Make your plan. If it’s that you need to post in your VIP group more, then make your “appointments” in your planner to do that and when. If you are going to go live more, determine when and make the appointments with yourself to do it!

If you heard a great message about getting better at video and you want to implement a few things, then make your appointment with yourself to practice! You can create a group for yourself on Facebook even. Just for you. Go in there and go live and practice doing the things you learned.

Maybe you just heard some great words that totally inspired you. Consider writing those words on a sticky note and put them near your computer or on your desk so that you are reminded of them often. It’s amazing how that “feeling” will come back quickly when you see those words!

The key is to make the most of these moments and find what works for you so that you can refer back and stay focused on what you decided that you wanted at that moment. When we are in those moments we tend to feel like we can conquer the world. So don’t get lost in the mundane and give up on that. Find ways to remember that feeling so that you can keep striving for the things you really want to accomplish!

And don’t hesitate to find an accountability partner. Someone that will hold you to those dreams you want to achieve. And do the same for them! Remember, we are STRONGER TOGETHER.

Cheers to an amazing year and I can’t wait to hear stories about how you made your dreams become reality!!!


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