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Do you feel stuck? Get inspired!

Dana Loukanis

Dana Loukanis

Hi! I'm Dana! I'm a married mom (empty nester to be exact), have 2 dogs, and am a Team Leader inspiring others in their Business! I love providing what I believe is the best home fragrance and décor on the market today!

How often do you do a refresh? Whether on a room, or a part of your business, or just on your general outlook of life…I love a good refresh! To get inspired again!

When you are just ‘stuck’

Do you ever feel completely stuck or just blah about something? Maybe it’s like us recently. For SO long we would walk in to our kitchen and just be thinking YUK.

We went from some days wanting to just move because we hated our kitchen, to other days just not being sure what would help fix this blah feeling we had about it.

Consider your options

What ever area you are stuck in, the one thing you can do is consider your options. Is it something a little paint could fix? Metaphorically or not, sometimes it’s just a little fix you need to get you feeling great about that particular thing again.

Using our kitchen as the example here, it took us quite some time to figure out what we could do to make us feel differently about this space that just wasn’t pleasing in our lives. We thought about all of the options. One thing I have learned is when you are thinking about options, don’t hinder yourself right off the bat. Don’t think about the challenges, just the possibilities.

From there…

Once you consider all of the possibilities, then you can sit down and think about the challenges faced with the possibilities you really love. When it came to our kitchen, we had a list of the things we would love to do. We had some really big ideas. We also had a tight budget. But we first thought outside the box and considered everything!

Then we started going through them and considered what the exact challenges would be. Often times the challenges are financial (like ours!), and that’s ok! You want to stay on track there so you don’t end up in a financial hard place.

Make the decision and DO IT

After careful consideration of the things we wanted to do and then the challenges we needed to overcome, we actually realized it could be as easy as a coat of paint!! And we knew how to paint, so this was something very feasible! Not a big expense, and something we could take on!

So we just got started! We had a weekend of rain coming, so my husband got the supplies to get everything covered up from the painting, and on Saturday morning we got started!!! Sometimes the hardest part is getting started. So just START!

The outcome!

This is the best part. During the painting, I will admit a few times that I wondered if we bitten off more than we could chew, but we kept going. Once it was done and cleaned up, it felt NEW! And fresh!

It’s been nearly two weeks now and I LOVE my kitchen again. I enjoy being in there. Just because of some paint!

Just for fun…here is a before and after of one side of the kitchen.

Who doesn’t love the feel of a new space? I know I love it!
I’m loving what just a coat of paint can do to a space! And my mindset!

It got me to thinking!

After we finished, I sat back and realized that this adjustment can apply to a lot of things in life! When I’ve been ‘stuck’ in my business, if I make a slight shift or focus on something new to do to get me excited again, it makes a huge difference! Especially in my mindset!

And really, our mindset is everything.

What can you adjust?

So what area of your life are you feeling stuck? Maybe unsatisfied? What can you do to refresh and make a slight change?! I’d love to hear from you! Let me know what you are going to work on to refresh an area of your life!!

Can’t wait to hear! Cheers! XOXO

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