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If you are a return reader, you know that I am big on goals. In fact I posted about goals again today on my social media account. It’s that time of year again when my PZ business comes to an end and we start our new business year on July 1st. So of course that also means goals are top of mind to me.

Here’s the funny thing about goals. They are ever changing. And they should be. Our goals should be a roadmap for us to follow, but like life, there will be turns and curves we weren’t expecting. The road may need to change course, and that’s ok! We can just go back to the drawing board and map out a goal that makes sense for where we are in the moment!


I also believe that we should have a goal that stretches us. Yes, we know what we want when it comes to things like “being able to buy a new car”, or “paying for my daughters dance lessons”. But what about what can help us grow as a person. As you may know, I read and attend events that will motivate me to learn all the time. When I’m learning, it helps me in both business and my personal life.

Make it personal

I love personal goals. I used to try too many things at once and realized I got nowhere, so now I narrow it down. One thing at a time when it comes to personal development.

At the beginning of this year I decided to take an iPhone photography class so that I could take better pictures, and this was perfect because it has also helped my business. I use my own photos most of the time now for marketing, but I also just enjoy looking back at interesting photos I’ve taken. Some of them I even frame. So it has been a win/win.

As the new business year approaches I decided I wanted to find something new to work on. I have all of my goals already set for my business that are specific to where I want to go, but I made some notes about things I’d love to learn above and beyond. I then went back and did a little research on each to see what tools I may need or class I may be able to engage in, and narrowed it down to one.

I found a course on blogging! YES! I began blogging off and on a couple of years ago, but have never felt like I’m good at it. I just write what comes to me and share it with all of you. But I’ve always thought it would be neat to be better at this. Maybe just to help my own confidence, but hopefully to make my blogs more interesting to you, the reader. So, after doing my research, I found a course and got started earlier this week.

The neat thing about finding new goals and working to improve in another area is that it typically leads me to the next thing I want to do! So I look forward to getting through this course to see just where I am and what I want to try next. And, I find the most often when I am searching for something that interests me that I want to learn more about, it typically always helps me both personally and professionally. So it is a win/win.


If you decide to find something to learn or focus on, remember that there are so many resources out there, and many of them cost nothing to get started. You don’t always have to pay a lot of money to learn. I did this with the iPhone photography. I started with some free videos, then realized I definitely wanted to dive in further, so decided to enroll in an online course.

Remember what I mention above. Determine what it is you are going to focus on, block out time each week to work on it. Don’t give yourself a bunch of things you want to accomplish because you will be all over the place. You want to hone in on that one thing, and then start.

Then once you start, be sure to put in to practice the things you are learning. This is big. How many times have you taken a course or read a book to find that you did nothing with it? We tend to take it in and then move on to the next without putting it in to action. Be sure to put what you learn in to action! Otherwise it is a waste of your time, and possibly your money.

I’d love to hear what your stretch goal is for yourself! Have some fun with it. Make it something you will enjoy learning!

Cheers and good luck!

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