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Find your happy!

Dana Loukanis

Dana Loukanis

Hi! I'm Dana! I'm a married mom (empty nester to be exact), have 2 dogs, and am a Team Leader inspiring others in their Business! I love providing what I believe is the best home fragrance and décor on the market today!

Today I am feeling grateful and happy! I’m sharing my story in hopes that if you are feeling in a rut or complacent, that you find your happy! Without changing careers or doing anything drastic, we can all find our happy!

My story begins…

Prior to my current job as a Pink Zebra Consultant, I was in a career that had me working 50-60 hours minimum each week. I had to fit my PZ business in where and when I had the time for it. I actually MADE the time for it in evenings, weekends and lunch breaks. My goal quickly became to be able to quit that hotel career.

Then in 2016 I got to a place within my PZ Business that my goal and dream came true! I was able to leave my hotel sales career and focus 100% on PZ!! How amazing is that?!

Benefits of my Direct Sales Business

I’ve shared over and over again how much I love what I do. I love the benefits, the freedom, the ways it has pushed me out of my comfort zone.

Instead of recapping, simply click here to read more about the benefits of Direct Sales that I talk about in one of my recent blogs.

Confidence grows

One of the things that no one really talks about is that once you begin your own business, you begin to see several things. A few of them are listed here:

  • If you aren’t already, you become self motivated.
  • You begin to manage your days to be more productive.
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone happens more and more without even really thinking about it.
  • Creativity creeps in because you look for new and innovative ways to do things.
  • Overall confidence grows as you begin to succeed in things you didn’t realize you could do before!
  • Dreams become bigger and bigger.
  • The ability to give back and to perhaps be an inspiration grows.

What’s next?

After doing only Pink Zebra for the last five years, I have done so many things. My days are super organized. I’ve managed to carve out time for ME, as well as time for my family each week too. This took some time to get to where I am, but I’m SO grateful I put in the work!

All of the sudden as I wrote out my dreams and goals earlier this year, I realized that I was in a great position to do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. And because I AM highly motivated, and I DO have my business rocking along at a great pace, I decided to make that goal a reality!

Don’t get me wrong!

Before I dive in to what I’m doing I have to say…please do not get me wrong. I don’t recommend making goals that will take away from your business. And especially not a goal that will interfere.

I’ve seen people time and time again think that having more than one DS company is a good idea, only to find that it’s hard to manage. The hardest part is really that our customers are completely confused and not sure exactly what we are doing or how to support us.

BUT, I’ve seen people be real estate agents, teachers, open their own hair salon, and even be professional photographers, all while working their one direct sales business. Most of the time these can compliment one another!

MY story now…

So now that I’ve led you to it, let me tell you why I’m writing this! Last Friday, my BFF’s daughter and I started our own little online clothing boutique. We totally love fashion and have always bought a ton of it, wishing we could roll our favorite places in to one place to shop.

AND, I have a handful of friends that either have a boutique or a brick-and-mortar shop and they love it. So we wanted in!

They compliment one another

The cool thing about this is that my two businesses compliment one another. I LOVE home fragrance and home decor. I also love fashion. (Decor for our bodies, right?!) So, Nicole and I opened Bella Moods Boutique last Friday. It’s all online, so being able to do both will be fantastic.

I love to be busy (especially when it’s FUN), and I love to be of service, so I’m excited to do this!

Not to mention it will put me in front of even more people, which will give me a chance to meet others that I can also introduce my PZ business to!

Here’s another bonus I’ve realized

One of the best bonuses I’ve found is that when we are excited about something, things fall together better in all areas. Since we get to shop for our clothing that we bring to our customers, it’s FUN for us. (Like I said, I love to shop for clothes). And we hope to offer more value by helping people feel as beautiful as they truly are!

With PZ I have a big team and get to work hand in hand with some amazing people that I would not get to otherwise! We get to do so many fun things with a direct sales business!

So I’m having even more fun. And when I’m having fun and am happy, I’m more creative. And when I’m more creative, I’m better at what I am working on.

Makes sense?

See what I mean? We’ve been working on buying and getting the website up and running, along with determining packaging, etc…but at the same time, I had the best PZ month that I’ve had in a while! Why? Because I was feeling motivated, happy, creative, and ready to rock!

Funny how that works!

Back to your dream

So the point of my blog is this…build your business. As your business grows, dream bigger and bigger. If you see an opportunity or even find a fun hobby that you will enjoy, (and it won’t distract from your main business!) then go for it! Watch how it impacts your business in a positive way!

Keep your creativity going! Do things that bring happiness to your day so that you’ll make the most of what you are doing, and you’ll bring your happiness to others!

Cheers to big dreams and happy days!

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