Fun and Festive Table Ideas!

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Today will be short and sweet! I just have to share!

It’s exciting for me when I find items that I can use to decorate in multiple ways in my home! As I was putting out more of my fall decor over the past couple of weeks, I took an idea from a friend of mine and tweaked it! Check this out!

Do you have family over for the holidays? Or friends perhaps where you all sit around a big table? Do you want to make the table more festive and fun?

And how about when everyone stands around the table and asks “where should I sit?” I hear this every single time we have a get together!

LOOK HOW CUTE! I’m going to use both of these ideas, and will even mix and match them if there are more people so that everyone gets a name place!! Here I have the Metal Burlap Pumpkin Accent Shade with a Thankful tag on it just for looks, but when we have people over, I will hang a name there! You can find cute tags or even the chalkboard tags to write names on anywhere! (And of course you can find the Pink Zebra items from me!)

Use a pumpkin for a name place setting!

And then here we have the Stacked Pumpkin Woolie!! We also have adorable Bobble Bodies that you could change out and have different ones at different seats! So many fun options!

Stacked Pumpkins!

So have fun this holiday season! Hopefully we will be able to have friends and family over to enjoy the holidays and you can create a beautiful and fun table! And everyone will know where to sit!

Happy Decorating! XOXO

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