Goal Setting and Taking Action

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Ok, hopefully you have been following along with the easy steps I’ve been sharing for our new Goal Setting Workbook & Planner. They really are easy steps, however they can make the difference between just getting by and achieving your goals and dreams! Be sure to download yours now and let’s keep going!

Step 3

Step 3 is going to be all about being realistic and knowing the dollar amount you need to reach the goals you have set out for yourself in Steps 1 & 2. Without this step, your goals are more like wishes and dreams. And we all know we have to take action to make goals come alive.

So think about that. What kind of income do you need to bring in to hit your goal? If it’s as easy as making a car note, then you’ll know that you have to have that number each month. Let’s say your car note is $400, then $400 can be your money goal.

Or perhaps you are looking to match your current income working in the corporate world. Then that will be your money goal!

Steps to reach that goal!

Now that you know the dollar amount you need, it’s time to determine how to reach that goal!

Breaking it down is the simplest way. If you do not have a team yet, then you will base it all on your own personal sales. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How many parties do I need to have each month?
  • What sales criteria do I need to hit for each party?
  • If I don’t hit my party goal, what dollar amount do I need to be at to get the correct commissionable volume that I need to earn?
  • What is the amount I can earn an extra 5% or 10% as the Pink Zebra career plan offers?

Plus my team!

What is awesome is that if you do have a team, you can also determine what you need to include your commission on your team, on top of your personal sales. This is where it will be imperative to understand the career plan so that you know how many levels you get paid and if there is any mentoring or generation bonus.

Determine here how many new people you should work to sponsor each month to keep your numbers growing. You can even break that down further. As with anything, it’s a numbers game. For example:

  • Know how many people you need to talk to each month about the join opportunity. Let’s say for you, every 2 out of 20 consider joining. Then wouldn’t it make sense to talk to 10-20 people every single week about the opportunity?
  • How many opportunity meetings should you have each month to attract new team members?

Put Quarterly Goals in Writing!

Once you know how much money you need to make and the steps to get you there, the next step is obvious, right? Write out the steps. And there does not need to be a lot of them! Basic, realistic, smart steps to get you to your end goal.

I normally start with Quarterly Goals. I make a list of the goals I am setting for myself each Quarter. A broad brush if you will. Mine may say something like this:

  • $6,000 SV per quarter. This will also get me to Pink Sapphire. (Once the new Incentive Trip is given, this will likely change to earn it as well)
  • 9 new qualified recruits. I do 9 per quarter so that if I have a bad month in there, I can make up for it! And I say qualified meaning they hit their Quick Start. I’m shooting for people that are going to work their business or be active hobbyists at least!
  • 30 new customers that have never purchased PZ. Again, if I do 30 in a quarter, that breaks down to 10 per month but gives me wiggle room to make up for it should I fall short one month.

Quarterly vs Monthly

You may be wondering why I do this quarterly instead of monthly. I want to be consistent each month, but some months there are things that I may not have been counting on. Perhaps there’s a holiday in the month, or some kind of family emergency that arises. When you have your goal set out for the quarter, you have room and time to adjust and make up the difference. Again, it keeps you holding yourself accountable. Once you have a bad month, if your goals are just set monthly, you may get frustrated and not get back on track right away the following month. But if you look at it per quarter, you see you just need to push a little harder and you’ll achieve what you set out to achieve!!

Remember, goals don’t have to be difficult or constantly different. Find the things that work for you in your business and adjust where you need to so that you are hitting and exceeding your goals. I typically only have a few specific goals, with specific steps to follow. It’s on my monthly, weekly and daily to-do’s that I can expand on all of that!

Next time…

Next time we will talk about obstacles and why it’s important to think about what they may be so that you set yourself up for success! Until then, I’d love to hear how your goal setting is going!

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