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It’s just a tough day, what can I say!

Dana Loukanis

Dana Loukanis

Hi! I'm Dana! I'm a married mom (empty nester to be exact), have 2 dogs, and am a Team Leader inspiring others in their Business! I love providing what I believe is the best home fragrance and décor on the market today!

Some days are just rough. Aren’t they? No matter what we do, they are just ROUGH.

Full Moon?



Sometimes we blame it on a full moon. Sometimes there are other things going on that are at the root of the problem that feel like they are spinning out of control.

Monday was one of those rough days for me. Things flying at me one after another. Some things that I can’t control. Some things I can do something about.

Here’s an interesting thing. Normally Monday through Friday I have a morning routine. My husband is doing some night work right now so I didn’t do my normal routine because I was tip-toeing around the house since he had just gotten home when I woke up and he needs to sleep. I find that my morning routine not only gets me prepared mentally for my day, but it arms me for it too. Physically and mentally. I was missing that on Monday.

So what do we do?



So what do we do when we are off kilter, and the day is going crazy around you? Here’s what I did Monday and I felt SO much better after, so thought I would share. When I began to feel that overwhelm and frustration where my head feels like it’s spinning and I can’t think super clear, I caught myself and took some steps to correct.

  • So that I would not forget any of the immediate tasks and fixes I needed to take care of, I quickly wrote each one down on a sheet of paper.
  • I got up from my desk, leaving my cell phone there.
  • Poured myself a big glass of water. Hydration is so important!
  • I ventured out to my patio . I would have loved to take a short walk around my block, but it was raining at the time so I just sat and listened to the rain for a few minutes.
  • When I came back to my desk (because I do need to get these things done!), I reached out to two people first just to say something nice to them.
  • Feeling a little more clear headed, I began again, starting with the first thing I had written on my list.

Just these simple things helped clear my head and shift my energy. Sending out a couple of positive messages triggered my brain to think positive again because I was thinking nice things about these people. Also getting up, walking around, going outdoors even for a moment, and getting hydrated, all made a difference!

It CAN be that easy!



Sometimes it just takes a few simple things to shift how things are going. Making sure we find positive things to think about helps me immensely so that when I start getting flustered, I am able to remind myself of the good things quickly. Sometimes things are just rough. Sometimes things just don’t go right. People can be hateful, and processes can get messed up. When these things happen a few times over and over we often go off course and forget about the good that is happening at the same time. This is also often a good time to reflect on why we are doing what we do and why we love it.

The thing we must remember is that if the things that are causing us frustrations are not life altering, then we really need to take a big deep breath and do our best not to allow the stress to make us sick. It’s not worth that. Yes, we want things to be ironed out. We are allowed to get upset. But to stay mad over something we can’t control does us no good at all. And stress is a killer, so figure out what makes you feel better mentally and do that!

I’ve also found that time and time again, the issue gets ironed out or there is some sense made of it. So just be patient!

During this time of Covid things have been especially tough for many. So we have to work even harder at staying calm and keeping a level head.

What do you do when you are having a rough day? I’d love to hear! XOXO



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