Join Team Rockin PZ!

Come and be a part of our amazing team!  We support, encourage and cheer one another on.  We have fun, and we enjoy celebrating everyone’s accomplishments, big and small!! 

Join Team Rockin PZ!

Come and be a part of our amazing team!  We support, encourage and cheer one another on.  We have fun, and we enjoy celebrating everyone’s accomplishments, big and small!! 

Who we are!

Duane and I will be your biggest cheerleaders and encouragers.  It gives us such joy to see lives being changed with this opportunity.

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Why Team Rockin PZ?

Check out all the amazing things that we do for our team below:


Team Lives for Training

Duane and I share about what is currently working in our business, how to protect your mindset, tips and tricks about direct sales, along with any other things we have learned along the way!


One-on-One Training and Mentoring

This is available for my team that wants to work one-on-one for very specific goals, or if you just want coaching and mentoring with me.


Local Gatherings/Meetings

We love having local get togethers (usually at our home) for the team.  We do some celebrating, collaborating, and lots of learning together. 



Each week, and again each month I recognize team members for hitting milestones.  We love to celebrate! 


Be the Change Annual Conference

Each January, myself and another Director put together an incredible 2 days of training, where you will hear from other leaders and team members sharing about their business as well as how we can lift one another up and make us all stronger.  We are stronger together! 


Facebook Groups

We have a Facebook Group just for our team where I offer challenges for you to earn some fun gifts from me.  We also use the group to share ideas, as well as any info we get from our Home Office. 


Rallies – three times each year

Rallies are held three times a year and are a company function.  They are in several locations throughout the US and Canada. 


Annual Reunion

This is our annual conference, typically held in July, and ALWAYS amazing.  We have a saying “those that show up, go up” and it’s true!  We get training directly from our Home Office at this big event, along with seeing first-hand the new catalog season coming. 



One of my favorite challenges is my “Beat the Executive Director Challenge” where each month I share what my previous months sales were and you have the opportunity to be in the drawing for a fun prize for beating my sales.  I also do a “Recruit One”,  a Pink Sapphire, and other random challenges here and there just for fun!


3 Paisley’s, Pink Sapphire Awards, Consistency Awards

Earned Incentive Trips to: Panama, Costa Rica, Sailing the British & US Virgin Islands, Ireland, and Cap Cana in the Dominican Republic. 

Promotion to Director

Promotion to Executive Director

Check Out What Others Are Saying

Dana is the most amazing leader and friend you can ever have.  Clear and positive vision, courageous, a voice of her own, passionate, great listener, great leader, I could add so many more.  I have been in Team RockinPZ for years now and she inspires us and influences us in the most natural ways.  We are extremely thankful to have her. 

Melissa Blouin, New Brunswick Canada


Dana, I love that you are part of this company. I remember when I first met you at the 2013 Reunion at Amelia Island. I was so intimidated and “star struck.” I was terrified to talk. Once we started building our boat I realized you were a person just like the rest of us. Through the years our friendship has grown tremendously. I am so thankful I have such an amazing friendship with you. I know that I can call you for anything. You are a strong mentor that wants nothing but success for everyone around you. I couldn’t imagine being in a Pink Zebra world without a Dana Loukanis. You bring out the best in everyone you connect with. YOU are changing lives! Thank you for making mine one of those. ❤️

Jessica Washington