Join Team RockinPZ and be a part of our amazing team!

We support, encourage and cheer one another on.  We have fun, and we enjoy celebrating everyone’s accomplishments, big and small!! 

You can earn extra money and make lifelong friends

Let our team guide and support you!

We will be your biggest cheerleader and encourager! I get so much joy and my inspiration from seeing YOU succeed!


We love to celebrate here on Team RockinPZ! Every month we shout out in our team Facebook Group everyone's successes...big AND small! Everyone deserves and loves to be celebrated!


Every month I put together challenges for Team RockinPZ! It's a great opportunity to grow your business and have a friendly challenge with teammates!

Be The Change

A special event every January, where I bring in Industry leaders and we spend 2 days learning and supporting each other and getting ready for the year ahead!

Pink Zebra Rallies

Pink Zebra sponsored events held three times a year in several locations throughout the US and Canada. You can attend in person or online. Hear all the scoop directly from the Company.


We regularly host get togethers with the rest of our team and you can attend in person or online! It's a great time to celebrate, collaborate and learn from one another in a casual setting.

Annual Reunion

Our annual conference is ALWAYS amazing. We have a saying “those that show up, go up” and it’s true! Home Office provides training and we get to see the debut of the new catalog!

Live Training

Learn what is currently working in our business, how to protect your mindset, tips and tricks about direct sales, along with any other things we have learned along the way!

Facebook Group

We have a Facebook Group just for our team where I offer challenges for you to earn some fun gifts from me. We also use the group to share ideas, as well as any info we get from our Home Office.

1:1 Mentoring

Have specific goals you want to meet? Let's work together one on one to reach those goals! Mentoring, coaching and general cheerleading available! Let's do it together!

dana loukanis pink zebra

Let's do this!

One of my favorite things to do is to work with you one-on-one.  I’ll be your biggest cheerleader, and will help you if you want the help!  I won’t do it for you, but I’ll make sure you have all the tools you need to help you be successful!  I am not the one that has to want it though, so if you are just here for fun and a hobby, I salute you and will be here for questions.  If you want to work with me one-on-one, all you have to do is ask!  

You really inspire me to be a balanced leader.

— Tiffany Billings

Benefit of being a PZ consultant

PZ offers several incentives to encourage your personal growth/sales. Incentive Trip each year, Pink/Blue/White Sapphire level opportunities, additional 5% earnings (over the already 25%) when over $1,000 SV for the month, option to build a team, and so much more. Oh, and a Home Office that is always on top of what is happening in the world and our communities!

Dana is the most amazing leader and friend you can ever have.


What being on Team RockinPZ is like

If you are looking for a leader that is always there, look no further. I’ve been a consultant since 2011 and you will be able to see that I never ‘disappear’. And if I can’t help you, I’ll find someone who can. I have a well rounded business, have experience working online and in person, and I invest in tons of training so that I can share what I learn with you. Our team is also so willing to share what they do to have success, and we are all here to cheer one another on.

We're a good fit if...

You’re ready for more visibility and freedom

You want the ability to work your business the way YOU choose to work it!  

You’re an action-taker entrepreneur

You have drive and determination? This is a great business for you! 

You're goal oriented

You are motivated by incentives and challenges to earn trips, a paycheck you control and swag!

What happens after you join

I’d love to know your goals and what you’d like to see from this business! I’ll add you to my Facebook groups where you can get great info, learn new things, and ask your questions! Then I encourage you to go through the trainings in our back office that will set you up for success! After that, it’s your business, so connect to our trainings and work the way you choose! I’ll be here to help all along the way!

Two kits, same price.  Party/Event or Online Choose what fits your plan the best! Then you earn extras in your QuickStart!

I’ll make sure you are connected with the resources you need and am here for you with questions and to cheer you on.

Our team is SO supportive!  TONS of support and many offer training on what they excel at!  I love how everyone supports one another.