Do you know what to do once a new team member joins your team?!

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New Team Member! Now What?

Dana Loukanis

Dana Loukanis

Hi! I'm Dana! I'm a married mom (empty nester to be exact), have 2 dogs, and am a Team Leader inspiring others in their Business! I love providing what I believe is the best home fragrance and décor on the market today!

Let’s talk NEW TEAM MEMBER! I get asked the question a lot. “What do you do when a new consultant joins your team?”

What first?

Find out why they joined the business. Ask them what they are looking to do with it. This will help you know more about their intentions and how you can encourage them going forward.

Then, I encourage everyone when they start talking to a new team member to consider this…is what you are doing and saying going to be replicatable to them so that when they have a new team member, they know just what to do as well?

Often times I hear of leaders that do so much for their new recruit that the recruit ends up relying on them for everything. Although the new team member may like this, it becomes a strain, and the new consultant is really not benefitting from it long term.

Keep it simple!

Just remember, if you keep it simple, they will not find it to be scary or daunting to repeat the process and start recruiting their own team! They will have confidence knowing that it’s not that difficult.

Nor SHOULD IT BE! If it’s a big process to onboard a new consultant, then reconsider what you are doing.

Use the resources that are provided!

When I joined in 2011, we did not have a lot of training in the back office. So we did do a lot of recreating back then. Or just creating I guess. lol

But today, we have SO many tools in the back office that we should absolutely be leaning on those resources! In fact, since some people really like to watch a video, click here to see a short video I created on some simple things to do!

Basically I recommend that you make sure they got the email showing them how to log in to their back office, tell them about the Dashboard (” What’s Hot in ZebraLand”), and where to go under Resources to the “New Consultant First Stop!”

From there, if they go step by step through the process, it will address all of the important information!

Be there for them, if they want you!

From there, you want to simply be there for them! If they ask a question, I like to provide an answer, but follow with where I got the information so that they will know in the future where they can go to look. Most people like knowing that they can do this themselves!

If they are looking for tips, I will share what I do as well as other resources that may be helpful to them out in the field. There are so many ways to work the business, so finding what will excite them and get them going is important! Remember to ask questions instead of just throwing out ideas so that you’ll know how to steer them.

Often times I’ll have a new consultant join that is already pretty independent and doesn’t connect with me a lot. That’s OK! In the beginning I felt bad, or felt that maybe I wasn’t a good upline. But I’ve come to realize that some people prefer to go at their own pace, and typically will only reach out if they have a question that they need help with. (In fact, this describes me. I wouldn’t want someone on me all the time, so I would never consider doing it to someone else!)

It’s also great to just reach out once in a while to say hi! Just check in! Not because you want to check on their sales, but because you want to check on THEM.

You are NOT their boss!

Read that again. You are NOT their boss! This means that you do not tell them how they are going to do things, but simply offer suggestions and encouragement. Calling someone to tell them they need to get their bonus qualified numbers in at months in is a NO NO.

Also, keep in mind that we all connect with different personalities. It’s OK if someone meets or talks to a consultant on another team and hits it off with them. I have always believed that as long as it is helping them, I don’t care who they connect with. We all learn differently, so encourage them to watch other leaders training. You never know what they will learn!

If it helps them in their business, that is all that matters.

Don’t babysit!

During the Leaders Training at our conference last week, the speaker mentioned this several times. That we do not want to babysit our team members. So try not to create an environment where they expect you to do it for them. Make sure they know where their resources are so that they can be independent consultants!

This is also great because then you find that you are connecting when you are celebrating and/or collaborating with them.

Love your people!

It’s so important for your team to know that you care and are there for them. It’s a fine line between caring and babysitting, so be sure not to cross over! We want to love them. We want to encourage them. We want to inspire them. We do not need to be holding their hand and babysitting them.

This is their business, just like this is your business!

Managing your team!

In July I wrote a blog on Tips for Managing Your Team! Check it out for more information by clicking here!

I’d love to hear from you if you have other tips on what to do when you have a new recruit! Feel free to share!


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