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This year I am decorating for fall very early. Why? Because this has been a bizarre year and I have found myself not decorating for the seasons this year! Have you been keeping up or did you do like me and just throw your hands in the air? So now I am determined to get my mo-jo back and am getting started early!


Pumpkins are the perfect fall decor piece to start with. You can go with a traditional orange, or something light with clean lines and classy. You can even mix them together like I’ve done in the photo below.

Here I have light colored pumpkins mixed with orange colored, even a nice silver pumpkin. I also love mixing the different textures and styles. Ceramic, metal, wooden, gems. I love how they all look blended together.

Since the start of my journey with Pink Zebra, it’s always fun each year to see what pumpkins will be coming that I can add to my collection!

The cute wood art was made by my friend Brianna at She can even do some custom pieces! She’s super creative.

Favorite pieces!

My living room makes me happy. I’ve added a few pumpkins here as well, along with some of my other favorite pieces. As I’ve shared in my past blogs, I LOVE photos of the people in my life and I surround myself with those as well. Along with pieces I’ve collected from trips we have taken.

One of the most fun things for me is that almost every single piece of decor in my home has some kind of story behind it. I love to have meaningful pieces. Whether it was collected on a trip or a piece that my husband picked out or we both chose on a special day we spent together. Or items from my Pink Zebra business or other friends that have small businesses that we purchase from! As many of you know, RND Rustics is one of my favorites and you will find a lot of items in our home from there.

As we get in to September, I’ll be bringing out a few of my “happy” Halloween decor to add in! I’ll share once I do. In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you whether you are decorating for seasons this year, or if you are going to start now!

Happy decorating!

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