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Sometimes a ‘reset’ is just what you need. Recently, I was looking at my business and wanted to change some things up a bit. “Level-up” some if you will. I am a firm believer that stepping back and resetting is a really good thing! Especially when you have your own business. And especially when you feel like you may be in a rut!

In a rut.

It’s a real thing!! Sometimes we are going at a good pace and things are happening and all of the sudden you realize that you are actually in a rut! In my opinion, being in a rut is not a bad thing. It just means that something is telling you to take a closer look.

Little things we can ask ourselves are things as simple as “am I having fun?” Or even “how does this make me feel about my business?” Recently I couldn’t help but ask myself “what can I do better?”

Take some notes!

For me, I love to take down a few notes about how I’m feeling about something. Or things I might like to do better or see happen. I do this with no boundaries. Meaning I don’t let anything get in the way of the idea. They are just notes after all, and I don’t want there to be limitations at this point.

Taking notes are good for me because I can walk away from them for a bit, then come back and revisit later. Usually within just a few hours. A day at the most. If I am still liking my thoughts that I took notes about, then I know I’m on the right path! It’s at that point that I can figure out ways to get around the boundaries or challenges.

Make some changes!

Then determine what it will take to make some changes! It sounds easy because it really is. The part that is hard is just taking the action. How many times do you say you want to do something, but you don’t take the steps to make it happen? Right? So take the steps!


I did exactly this over the last few weeks. I wanted to rebrand myself. To take it up a notch. To fill in some gaps that I felt I needed to level up in.

After plenty of note taking, one of the areas I wanted to do this in was my website. I wanted it to reflect my personality more. To focus on branding myself more. What makes me different than the other consultants. That kind of thing.

So the website got a redo! I’m loving it now. AND it is encouraging me to add more content for my team members! More training. Consistent blogs.

Exactly what I needed!!

Pretty simple

Pretty simple right? It took some work, and I invested in myself (meaning it cost a bit to have the work done since I’m not a website professional), but it was OH so worth it! Sometimes we just need that boost of excitement or that shift in gears.

We see clearer when we are feeling good

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely see so much clearer when I’m feeling good about things. When I’m excited and pushing myself a bit. I believe we need to be challenging ourselves from time to time to keep the enthusiasm flowing. To be forward thinking. I know it gives me that shot in the arm I need!

So, what do you think?

Are you asking yourself the question? Are you in a rut? Are you having fun? How do you feel about what you are doing? What can you do different or better?

I’d love to hear what you do with the answer! I hope it gets you energized and excited all over again! Cheers!

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