Top 5 Reasons you should attend your company conference!

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Should I Attend My Company Conference?

Dana Loukanis

Dana Loukanis

Hi! I'm Dana! I'm a married mom (empty nester to be exact), have 2 dogs, and am a Team Leader inspiring others in their Business! I love providing what I believe is the best home fragrance and décor on the market today!

From time to time I’ll have someone ask if they should really go. Is it worth the expense? Will they really get anything out of it. So for anyone that isn’t sure, I’m sharing my Top 5 Reasons why you should absolutely attend!

1. Meet like minded people!

This may sound cliche, but I’m here to tell you…having a huge room full of people that love a business and a product as much as you do is amazing! Invigorating! Motivating! Exciting! It’s one of those things that it very hard to explain because it is a feeling.

The energy is fantastic. With Pink Zebra, it’s feels extra special because we are all Zebras and when Zebras come together in a herd, we are stronger!  (Side Fun Fact…did you know Pink Zebra’s name was chosen because Pink stands for the power of Women and Zebra’s are stronger together because the stripes confuse their prey!)

2. See old friends and meet and make new ones!

I must admit this is one of my favorite things. Knowing that I will get to see people that I only get to see once or twice a year is very exciting. It’s no accident that Pink Zebra calls these our Annual “Reunions”. We are one big family! 

The other exciting part is meeting the people that you talk to all the time on Social Media! We develop these great friendships, and Reunion gives us the opportunity to actually finally meet in person! Don’t you love seeing someone across the room that you know you recognize as your friend from Facebook?! So fun!!

Having a large team as I do, I love this opportunity to see as many as I possibly can! But whether you have a team or not, you will come away from the experience with new friends! And I love that in our company, we don’t just restrict things to our teams. The majority of us are cheering one another on whether we are teammates or not! Again, a big family!

If you are coming to our Pink Zebra Reunion for the first time, please come up and introduce yourself to me! I’d love to meet you!

3. Learn, learn, learn!

There are so many opportunities to learn at company events! Leaders share their knowledge in workshops. Speakers are hired to share with the entire company! And then Home Office sharing behind the scenes, stories, and other things that you just can’t pick up on unless you are attending!

Our Founders share their story each year and I never tire of it. It shows where we came from, and where we are going! Hearing the future plans for the company typically gives me chills. We’ve already come so far, but to see the vision and where they plan to take us? That’s pretty dang exciting!

We have had amazing speakers each year, each with their own techniques. As I mention in a blog I did last year, it’s so important to be sure to decide what you will take from it, what you will put in to action, and then DO it once the conference is over and you are back in to your normal routine! 

Learning from other Leaders is always great. Knowing that others are so willing to share what they do that has made their business successful is very encouraging. And this is exactly what happens! So if you are willing to take notes and actually put some of these techniques in to action, the sky is the limit!

They typically have some breakout sessions, so choose what you want or need to learn more about and GO! Don’t skip the breakouts! These are full of information that can help you with your business. Sometimes it delves in to things that you may need personally, which in turn can also help your business!

4. Product Reveal!

This is probably one of the most exciting times of the conference because it is the launch of a new season. And we all go bonkers when we get to see everything that is in the new line that we will soon get to share with our customers! 

One additional aspect for us is that our company shares stories about our products.  Like the visit to the Soy Farmer! It’s exciting to see how Pink Zebra is changing the lives of so many people, including the ones that provide us with what we need to create things like our Sprinkles! 

So not only do we see a new product, but we learn the story behind it. We also learn about trends, how to market our line, and even how to decorate with it! (Or create new blends if we are talking about the fragrances!)

Since Covid a few years back, Pink Zebra has shifted to include our Virtual options. Ahead of the curve, Kelly introduced PZTV for shopping online which has helped us all grow our businesses too. So if you do have to miss coming in person for some reason, be sure you are plugged in at least virtually! You don’t want to miss this.

5. Ignites your business!

Every single year, as our Reunion comes to a close, we all begin talking about how we can’t wait to get home and share all that we have discovered and learned! From the product line to the trainings. We feel invigorated and ready to have an amazing season!

We have now met new people that we can continue to connect with! Some even look for an accountability partner, so that they keep each other on track to hit the big goals they have now set! 

Speaking of goals, each year our Founder asks us to set a big goal for ourselves! I always love this because it pushes me to think even bigger, which we all sometimes need encouragement and confidence to do. At these conferences, you will find your confidence! You will make bigger goals! It just happens!

So, if you have thought about it but have just not been sure, my advice is to do it. Do it for yourself. You will be SO glad that you invested in YOU. The saying is “Those that show up, go up!”

See you at Reunion! 

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