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Social media. Keeping up with all of the constant changes, especially when you are using social media for your business, can be daunting. Today I’m going to share about a friend of mine that can help with that! Meet Jenn with Social Media Studio. Click here to follow her on Instagram.

Which platform?

One of the things she told me early on is that you want to focus on one or two and be really good at that. So if Facebook is your thing, focus on that and be consistent with your posting. Or if you like Instagram and Pinterest, focus there. The key here is going to be consistency.

Do hashtags really matter?

I’m going to share a direct quote that Jenn posted recently. Hashtags absolutely matter!

“As always, you will want to test your audience, but logic tells us that using 30, targeted, niche specific hashtags will give you the best chance to be found by your ideal client! Look at the results from this Social Solution Studio post from Monday using 30 niche specific, researched hashtags! Not bad for an account with less than 200 followers right?” (you’ll want to go to her post to see the results!)

Updates…it’s constant!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t keep up with how often social media has updates! With Instagram I don’t have to keep up! Jenn posts great tips and info to help me follow what is happening on that platform! And I’m telling you, it is constant change.

Most recently Instagram changed “swipe ups” for “links” in stories. Because of some other tips I got from Jenn, I now have the link option!! This is a game changer!

Is it really about having tons of followers?

Another thing I learned is to clean out my followers (and those I follow) on IG. If people are following but not ever commenting or even liking my posts, then they can be hurting my vibe. In other words, not giving my posts the attraction they need to be seen by more people.

A couple of weeks ago I went through and cleaned out those followers, and between doing that and engaging with the real followers, my posts have been “seen” so much more!

So the answer is no…the goal is to have more engagement. Not just followers.

Check her out!

Seriously, if you just want some pointers, she posts great insights on IG. She’s the pro if you ask me! I’ve gained SO much knowledge from her.

Happy posting! XOXO

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