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Stop comparing!

Dana Loukanis

Dana Loukanis

Hi! I'm Dana! I'm a married mom (empty nester to be exact), have 2 dogs, and am a Team Leader inspiring others in their Business! I love providing what I believe is the best home fragrance and décor on the market today!

Do you watch someone else in your business and think that you aren’t nearly as talented or as good? Or wonder why they are promoting and you aren’t? I’m going to be real raw today, because this happens regularly and we have to stop it.

Negative talk. Comparing our journey and lives to someone else’s. I hear things like this all the time:

  • Susie is already a Director. I’ve been doing this longer. What is wrong with me and my team?
  • I can’t find customers like Sally has. I’m not as good at this as she is.
  • Susie is always asked to help, but I never am. They must not think I do a good job.

That’s just a few of things I hear, but believe me, I hear them regularly. I have even had people ask me why I am not a Presidential Director yet, and I have fallen in to that fear of letting others down because of it.


Here’s the truth. There are many reasons why these things may or may not happen, but to be hard on ourselves is not productive AT ALL.


Sometimes it is a numbers game. Some people are reaching more people, therefore the chance that they will have better sales or recruits goes up. The more we connect with others, the better we will do. And just posting on social media is not connecting. Posting is a way to get attention and start the conversation. Then it’s up to us to keep that conversation going and communicate with people!

There is some chance involved. I hate saying that, but it’s true. When we have people join our team, we don’t know right off the bat what that person is going to do. Sometimes they are highly motivated and knock it out of the park. Other times not so much. So again, this is where the more we reach out the better our chances are to find those rockstars.

Is it that important?

And then there is this… How important is it to you? Do you prioritize time each day to truly work your business? To connect with people? I’m not saying putting it before your family. Not at all. Or if you have another full time job, I get it. That’s actually when it’s even more important. Block off segments of your day to do the work. And doing the work means actually connecting with people. Not just posting on social media.

I have learned that in this business, some people are much more vocal and don’t just seek the attention, but grab it and run, making others feel they are invisible. Even I have felt invisible at times, but reality is, it’s ok because that is not my goal. My goal is to support my family, to be able to travel to wonderful places, and to love what I’m doing and the team I’m doing it with! BUT, if it is a goal of yours, then set out steps to make sure you remain there. Make sure you are on the lists, and that you are very visible in the company pages. Make sure you volunteer for everything! The more people that see your name, the more attention you will likely get. Just know that if you aren’t doing those things, others are. So decide how important it is to you to be ‘seen’, and go from there.

It’s YOUR journey!

Finally, realizing that this is YOUR journey and no one else’s. This is the hardest thing to grasp and accept. I worked very hard in the beginning to build my business which meant a lot of recruiting and finding new ways to build sales. As I’ve progressed, I now have a large team and spend a large majority of my time connecting with them. My team is the most important for me now, but I do carve out time to still work my own business. I have a goal each month to recruit 2 people, along with having $1500 minimum in sales. That’s just a personal goal I’ve set for myself. You have your own goal!

As for promoting again, YES! Of course I’m working towards it. I’m enjoying this journey though. And I know that it will eventually happen, On MY time. Because again, it’s MY journey! It’s more important right now for me to speak positive words in to my day and to connect and enjoy the people I’m surrounded by.

Never stop learning!

The final thing I will say is this…keep learning. Keep focused on what YOUR goals are. If you do this, you will not get trapped in those places of frustration and feeling down on yourself. If you are always focused on the next thing, and putting positive things in front of you, you will stay more true to your own goals.

I’d love to hear what goals you have set for your journey! Share or even send me a private message! Cheering people on is one of my favorite things to do!

Enjoy your journey!!

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