The joys of a Wedding!

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Weddings. Just the thought of it makes me smile. The opportunity to create a beautiful setting where incredible memories are going to made. Little girls dream about theirs. Or maybe they dream about feeling like a Princess. Either way, having the beautiful setting is so important.

So many types!

I love that today there are so many types of weddings. We have traditional church weddings, destination weddings, small intimate weddings, outdoor weddings, and more. No matter where or what type of wedding though, it does seem like we always include a few key things. Flowers, Candles or Soft Lighting, and the Cake. These days, the Bride doesn’t always wear a big white wedding gown any longer, but the other three items are staples for just about every wedding.

Our wedding day!

I’ve done this before!

So, it’s no secret that I’ve been married more than once. (Actually, I’ve even been married TWICE to the same man). The second time around, I noticed that I didn’t focus nearly as much on some of the other things as I did keeping it simple and memorable for US. But I did have flowers, candles and a cake! Actually, our second wedding was a sweet intimate gathering with close friends and family outdoors. Click here to read about our most recent anniversary and a bit about our wedding.

Glimmer Candles

Why all this talk about weddings today? Because we have a new addition to our line at Pink Zebra! We can provide you with our classy Soft Amber Tinted Glass Glimmer Candle, and you can create the scent you want for your special day! Here are just a few photos of how you can decorate with some of our beautiful items from this Falls Catalog.

Tinted Glass Glimmer Candle
(Glass Candle Stem Base not included)

Extra touches

And how about adding a few extra special touches? Our Cross Hang-its can be mixed in with some ribbon to tie on the chairs or be used in other areas as well. And what is so nice is that you can also use your favorite fragrance in our liquid version to spray on the Hang-its so that the entire room smells wonderful for your special day!

Here the Hang-it also has a sachet with Sprinkles to enhance the fragrance!

And finally, if you are looking for something very unusual to offer your guests as their take home gift, how about giving them a Candle Bar where they can create their own Candle creating their own fragrance to remember your special day! If you do not have a consultant with Pink Zebra and do have a big wedding coming up, let’s connect! I would love to help you make your day even more creative and memorable!

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