Have you thought about starting your own business?  Direct Sales has SO many perks.

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The Perks of being in Direct Sales!

Dana Loukanis

Dana Loukanis

Hi! I'm Dana! I'm a married mom (empty nester to be exact), have 2 dogs, and am a Team Leader inspiring others in their Business! I love providing what I believe is the best home fragrance and décor on the market today!

Direct Sales is becoming more and more appealing to people as they begin to understand that it is a real business. In fact, here is a real truth about Direct Sales:

Instead of working hard for someone else to grow their business, you have the ability to grow your own. With very little start up. That sounds good enough to me, but there are even more perks when working in the Direct Sales Industry! I’m sharing specifically the ones offered with the company I am a consultant in, Pink Zebra Home.

You set your schedule

This is one of the best things because whether you are doing this full time or part time, it’s completely up to YOU! Depending on the goals you set for yourself, YOU decide what you want your schedule to look like.

When I began nearly ten years ago, I worked another job as well. I put in 50+ hours there, and just worked my Pink Zebra business on weekends and evenings. Now that I quit my corporate job a few years back, I truly have control of my entire schedule. I love it. For me, it has been one of the most rewarding perks!!

Having the freedom to choose my schedule AND where I want to work from, is something I had no idea I would love this much.

You decide your goals

This is another HUGE perk if you are currently working for someone else. I’ve always had goals to set with my other career, but those goals were based on numbers that I had to meet in order to earn my salary. Numbers typically given to me by someone else.

In Pink Zebra, I set my own goals each day, week, month, and year. Click here if you haven’t downloaded my free Workbook to help in goal setting! If I want to work toward a Pink Sapphire, I can choose to set that as a goal. If I want to work toward the Incentive Trip, I choose that as a goal.

When I decided I wanted to quit my corporate job so that I could focus solely on my PZ Business, I made that my goal! SO much more fun setting and working toward goals that we set for ourselves!

Speaking of Incentive Trip…

Each year Pink Zebra announces a new destination that will be available for anyone that achieves and earns the Incentive Trip!! My husband and I have been to places like the Dominican Republic, we’ve been Zip Lining in Costa Rica, and we have even been to the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland!

They announce the new Incentive Trip at our Annual Reunion (which happens to be this very week!), and everyone has the opportunity to decide if it’s going to be one of their goals for the year!!

Building a Team

Though you can make great money just on your own personal sales, building a team is going to catapult your income to new heights. So if you choose, you can build a team.

I consider building a team to be a perk, because you learn to be a leader, and you connect with amazing people. To get to encourage and inspire others has been a true joy for me. So I consider it a definite perk. It’s so amazing to see others shoot for their goals and achieve them!

Celebrations at each level of the Career Plan

There are several layers to our particular career plan! Each layer adds an extra perk or two, which is always fun!

Whether it be a piece of jewelry, an opportunity to speak at an event, or even to get to see some of the upcoming product a bit ahead of the rest of the field, there are tons of great perks!

Director, Executive Director and Presidential Director levels have lots of extra perks too! Whether it’s the custom fitted PZ Boots, or the pink diamond tennis bracelet, or the reserved table at reunion, perks are fun and a great thing to shoot for!

And finally…

I’m sure I’m skipping some of the fabulous perks that go along with a Direct Sales Gig, but one of the final ones I will mention is the ability to not have to carry inventory. I love that people can go to our website and order directly, and then have their items shipped right to them. How many brick and mortar businesses can you start at such a low cost, carry little to no inventory, and be able to have a successful and thriving business?

If you’ve ever thought about getting in to Direct Sales, what are you waiting for? Let’s talk and see if PZ is right for you!


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