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How are you doing? Are you safe and healthy? Those are the questions I hear lately, and quite honestly, they are the ones I’m most often asking as well.

This pandemic is not like anything I’ve experienced in my lifetime. And some have it so much worse than others right now, no doubt. Many of our adjustments may feel extreme, so we can’t discount anyones feelings or fears. Often we hear of someone else’s situation and realize how lucky we truly are. In my home, my husband is still going to work with his crew each day. We are glad because he is able to continue working, but I still worry about him being exposed to the virus. It’s crazy how my mind goes “I’m glad…but I’m worried…gosh I’m so grateful…yet I’m concerned…” It’s a very confusing time.

I’m fortunate that my business has remained open as well. I work from home, so most everything is being done online. I’m so grateful, but once again, my brain fights between “share with everyone so they know!” and “don’t do that because some are really in a bad way!” It’s a constant back and forth in my head. Is anyone else dealing with this?

So during this strange time for all of us, I don’t profess to know how to deal with any of it. It’s confusing. It’s frustrating. I feel grateful. I feel guilty. I want to share good news. I want to stay quiet so I don’t upset anyone. My head literally battles these thoughts all through out the day each day!

Here is what I do know:

  • Staying isolated and away from people has been much more difficult than I ever thought it would. Though seeing people on a Zoom call is something, it’s not the same.
  • Spending some time outdoors can be a game changer. We don’t realize how sad we are getting when we are staying inside and away from everyone and everything, so when we go outdoors whether to take a walk or ride a bike, it can have a big impact on our mood.
  • It’s ok to slow down and actually enjoy it. I’ve always been a planner and going through each day with my hair on fire. In fact, I’d feel a little out of sorts if I wasn’t. But now, I’m realizing that it is OK to slow down and just take things a little slower. I’m actually learning to like going at this new pace.
  • It’s ok not to want to organize anything else. LOL
  • Don’t feel bad if you snooze some of your friends on Facebook for 30 days. That option is fantastic! I’ve not used it before, but during this Pandemic I have used this feature a few times! If there is someone spewing a lot of negative right now, hit that “snooze” for 30 day feature.
  • Speaking of negative, it’s good to avoid a lot of it right now. I’ve stopped watching the news every day. At first I had it on constantly. Then it was just once a day. Now I will listen in every few days. I’m sure someone will alert me if there is something urgent I need to know about. I want to stay up on what is going on, but it was really doing a number on my outlook.
  • If you hate cooking, don’t feel bad that you aren’t using this time to learn how to… LOL (That one is just a funny for me. Everyone was posting about using this time to learn to cook, or learn new recipes, blah blah blah NO.)
  • I miss my family. I feel bad saying that because I know some can’t get away from theirs. See? Here we go again with my mind!

So as you can see, I don’t know a lot. I know enough to get through my days, while remaining mentally in a decent place. Doing the things that will help me stay positive. We have to take care of what we can right now, and give ourselves grace for the rest of it.

If you have any tips you’d like to share, I’d love to hear! I pray that you are able to stay safe, that you are healthy, and that you are able to keep a smile on your face for the most part! I keep hearing people say that “we will get through this together” and I believe that 100%. We are still together, even though we may not feel like it right now. And maybe, just maybe, we will have learned a bit about ourselves along the way. If nothing else, I hope you can find something to laugh about. Even if (like me) it’s at yourself. Laughter is still some of the best medicine there is.

Love and peace to you,

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