Tips on Planning Out Your Week and Being Productive

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This week is super fun for me because we are talking about my favorite topic! Step 10 of the Goal Setting Workbook & Planner is all about PLANNING and being productive!

For starters…

If you have not downloaded your Goal Setting Workbook & Planner yet, please do so! Just click here! It is totally free, so why not?! Once you click the link, you’ll simply go to the box that says “Free Goal Setting Workbook”.

Plan out your week!

Now for the fun! I’m sharing with you what I personally do. You should tweak it to fit your lifestyle and choice. Or, if you aren’t sure, try this and tweak as you go!

On either Friday afternoon or Monday morning (depending on what I have planned for the weekend!) I will sit down and look at my upcoming week. The cool thing is that as ideas and tasks come to me, I’ve already been placing them on the days I will actually handle them. So really all I’m doing is getting myself mentally prepared at this point!

My phone and my planner

I love a good old-fashioned planner that I can write in. I write my tasks and appointments there, and then at least once a week I will go in and make sure my phone and planner match. At least once a month I actually write in standing appointments for each week. Things such as drawings I’ll be doing, posts I don’t want to forget about each month, etc.

My phone is more for the actual appointments, where the planner is where I can make more notes, as well as jot ideas that come to mind. I do have all of my appointments written in there as well, but again, I can make further notes that I want to remember.

Theme days!

This is where it gets fun! And keeps me super organized and on task. You can actually read an entire blog about theme days that I wrote a couple of years ago and it goes in to more detail. Just click here to read more. I have tweaked it a bit since then even, but remember, it’s important to do that! It’s YOUR plan, so when you need to be flexible, be flexible!!

The reason that theme days work for me is because as ideas come to mind, or I realize I need to follow up with someone, I can jot it down on that particular day to take care of it! This way I’m not constantly shifting gears during the day and getting off track.

Thoughts are constant!

If you are anything like me, I’m sure you are constantly thinking of things while you are trying to be focused on ONE task. I’ve found that if it’s something I need to remember to do, if I jot it down on the correct theme day, I can quickly get back to my task at hand and stay focused!

For example, as I’m writing this blog I had a great idea for a post I want to do on my social media! I quickly went to Thursday and jotted the idea down. Now I can let that go and was able to get right back to my blog without getting complete off track!

Avoid other distractions

I read once that it can take up to 30 minutes to get back on track once you’ve been totally distracted! That’s a long time, and for me, several other distractions are happening within that 30 minutes! So I guess I’m always distracted! lol

One of the most important things I’ve found is that when I am focused on the tasks on my theme days, I need to close down all other distractions. Silence my phone and close any open windows if I’m working on my computer is a must. I even let family know I’m needing to be focused for the next hour or two.

If you do that, and use the method of jotting down the ideas that pop in to your head for the upcoming ‘day’ that you will be handling those items, you can get a lot more done!

Look at that again…THEME DAYS!

I promise, it works. Take a look at my blog on some ideas for your theme days. Give it a try for a couple of weeks and let me know how it worked for you! It doesn’t control your entire day, but it does allow you to plan better. It gives you a place to jot the ideas that are always coming up. This way you can let it go and stay focused on your task at hand. You can then focus completely on that item the day you’ve jotted it down for.

I’m excited to hear from you! Shoot me a message or comment here with any ideas you came up with along the way!

Happy planning!

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