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When you start a new business, it can be overwhelming at first. Not being sure where to start or what to do right out of the gate. Fortunately, since starting my business nearly ten years ago, I’ve learned a lot. In addition, with all of the feedback given from the field, PZ has continued to add and provide some fantastic tools to help right away!

You’ve just joined…now what?

In our business, we have specific steps that you can take. Literally a check list so there is no guesswork.

It’s as easy as can be, When you log in to your back office, you find a ton of information. Yes, it may feel a bit overwhelming, so simply choose “Resources” at the top of the page. There will be a drop down and there is a link you click on that is labeled “New Consultants – First Stop”. That is pretty on point, right? So start here!

This is where you’ll find a checklist that you can walk through to be sure you are set up for success. Things like setting up your direct deposit, personalizing your website, where to start with training, and so on.

It even walks you through building your contact list and achieving the Quick Start program which will help get your business off the ground quickly! This is what we call our 90 day plan! It goes on to talk about where to find Host & Party Tools and your Host Planning Guide! Not only to help you, but tools to help your hosts when you do parties!

Here we go!

Have a launch party! Share your new adventure on Social Media!

Now that you have some of the basic things behind you, it’s time to get your launch booked. These are most fun (in my opinion) when done in person so that you can share your excitement and everyone can smell the Sprinkles! With the pandemic last year, we had many people still reach their goals by doing this online. So don’t let your circumstances hold you back!

Don’t be shy in sharing your excitement about your new adventure! Just think, you are doing people a disservice by NOT telling them! Most people love home fragrance, AND you never know who may be looking for a side gig right now! People have lost jobs over this past year, so perhaps someone needs some extra money. Or maybe someone is wanting to do something for themself that will push them out of their comfort zone! Maybe they are looking for something to do to just bring them some joy! You never know what someone may be needing, so don’t hesitate to share the opportunity with others!

When it comes to social media, there are some do’s and don’ts. I’ve written a couple of blogs that may help. Feel free to check one of them out by clicking on this link!

So many ways to work your business!

We are so fortunate in Pink Zebra because we have SO many great ways we can work our business!

Whether you like to get out and about or need to stay and work from home, this business works with you! There are truly so many ways that you can work your business, that the sky is the limit. As I’ve said above, don’t let your circumstances hold you back!

This blog from October 2020 (click here) describes a handful of ways that you can work. Since becoming an Independent Consultant nearly ten years ago, I’ve tried the majority of the different ways, and have found that I enjoy changing things up from time to time. My favorite is personal interaction, but when someone wants to do something online, we do it!

You will find a ton of different ideas on the above link, from doing things on social media to in person. And people come up with new ideas all the time! Follow my group page on Facebook and anytime I find someone doing something a little different, you’ll see we ask them to share! (Which is just another awesome thing about PZ…people are so willing to encourage and share with one another!)

So many resources!

We have an incredible amount of resources to help you be successful!

From our back office, to our Facebook groups, we have so many resources to help you be successful! Tons of training and resources in the back office of course. Then you are invited in to my Facebook groups where we share ideas and ask questions. All to support one another.

You can also check out my Blogs where I write about real challenges (along with some other aspects of my life from time to time!) that may help you along the way! You can use the search bar once you are on my blog page to search for key words to find what you may be looking for! For example this is a blog I wrote about staying focused (click here). Being your own boss can have its challenges, and staying focused may be one of them!

And to top it off, you can follow my YouTube Channel where we do live trainings to each month! Click here to subscribe or to preview some of the trainings!

Wishing you the best!

What ever that means to you!

For whatever reason you join, my wish for you is that you enjoy it and that you find all the success you are looking for! When you need me, I’m here to help and encourage! This is YOUR business. Just like my business is mine. So it’s not for me to tell you what to do or how to do it, but simply to be here to offer encouragement and help when you need me.

If you have big goals, I’d love for you to share them with me! If you need someone to hold you accountable, tell me and let’s work up a plan. If you are just doing this to have some fun, then let’s have some fun!

So CHEERS to you and your new business! May it bring you lots of smiles, more self-confidence, new friends, and more money in your bank account $$$!

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