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Do you ever feel somewhat lost and not sure where to begin? I hear this a lot, especially In the world we currently live in. Whether it’s that someone has lost a job and not sure what’s next, or someone is overwhelmed with too much to do and trying to stay positive, feeling lost is a very normal thing.

I’m Stuck!

Or perhaps you feel like you are just plain stuck. You know there is something more or better out there, but you are sitting in neutral and really wishing you could put it in drive and just GO. Only challenge is go where? And how?

At some point in my life I have felt almost all of these things. In fact, I can remember many times when I froze for a bit because I wasn’t sure just what to do. As I look back, I realize that ‘freezing up’ like I did was not necessarily a bad thing.

When I’ve been in this state of mind, sometimes I will sit in it for a short while. Just do nothing right away so that I can think through my thoughts and be present in that moment. I even have a tumbler that says “Embrace the suck”. It’s ok, and even good, to embrace that feeling. The key here is not to stay in it long. It’s what we do next that is important.

What next ?

I’m a firm believer of the “Pros and Cons” lists. Or even the list of “things I would do if nothing stood in my way”. The point for making lists is just to get my mind going forward and thinking about likes, dislikes, wants and dreams. If you can get yourself going in that direction, that is half the battle!

Maybe you feel that you have a ton of obstacles in your way. Make a list of those obstacles and then think about ways to overcome them. Or if you can’t overcome them, consider what you can do to embrace them and still go forward. Maybe there is a way to make them work with you.

Grab a sheet of paper and make a list about what you are grateful for right now, and then make a list of what you would love to do in the future. Maybe it’s what you would like to do in a job, or a place you’d like to travel, or even a relationship you would like to have. Let the thoughts come to mind and jot them down.

And then…

The next step for me has been to determine out of that list, what could I implement right now. Or what could I start taking steps toward. Maybe it’s about doing research on a particular topic. Or reach out and connect with someone that does something that you would like to do and see if they will give you some advice or feedback. And don’t be afraid to ask. People are usually happy to talk about what they do. And you never know where that conversation can take you. Maybe another contact, or a realization that it’s not what you want to do at all! You just never know until you learn more!

Or if it is just overwhelm because I have too much on my plate, I stop and spend some time listening to or reading something motivational. My go to if you don’t know by now is Brendon Burchard. But find someone that you connect with. Listen, and then find ways to apply it to your day and your life.

Prayer is also a go to for me. It’s the one thing that I know above all else will bring me some comfort, and also remind me to find peace, even when I’m not sure where this will all take me.

Just watch!

Then just watch! You will first begin to feel a little better. To me, that is the most important thing because once I’m in a better head space, I can accomplish more and feel better about what’s happening. One step at a time, but the key here is to STEP. Move forward.

And keep adding to your lists. Stay connected with positive people and even make reading or listening to podcasts a staple in your day. It’s amazing how you can turn a frustrating time in to an exciting opportunity when you are taking the steps forward.

That’s it?

Yep. It sounds pretty basic, but after all these years I’ve realized it doesn’t take a MAJOR event to happen to get me moving in the right direction or to unfray my overwhelm! It just takes moving in a forward motion to get me going again.

What steps do you take? Do you have any specific things you do when you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed? I’d love to hear!

CHEERS to moving forward!

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