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Hi! I'm Dana!

11 years ago I became one of the FIRST Pink Zebra Consultants when my best friend called and said she was starting a direct sales company (AKA Pink Zebra). I joined on a whim and I am here to help you reach and exceed any goals you may have as a Pink Zebra consultant.

Dana is the most amazing leader & friend you can ever have. Clear & positive vision, courageous...great listener, great leader, I could add so many more. I have been in Team RockinPZ for years now & she inspires us & influences us in the most natural ways. We are extremely thankful to have her.

Melissa Blouin, New Brunswick Canada PINK ZEBRA , TEAM ROCKIN PZ

Dana's Favorites

Each season I’ll share some of my very favorite pieces from the current catalog.  As you will see, I love decorating my home and using all of the products, so it’s fun for me to share!  These are just a few of my current faves. 


We have all the training, all the connecting, all the fun!  If I have good info, I’ll share with you right away to help you stay up to date on your business!


If you love home fragrance and/or love to decorate, you’ll enjoy shopping with me. 

You can shop directly with me, or you can have an online or in person party if you’d like to earn free and half-priced products!  

Do you like happy mail? You can also join ScentFlirt where you will get a package each month with exclusive items!

On The Blog

Dana Loukanis Pink Zebra Executive Director

Here I’ll share how I believe networking will absolutely benefit your business and take it to another level.

Decorating is my favorite and I’m a firm believer on loving your space!  Here I’ll talk all about it!

There are so many perks to being in Direct Sales and here I’ll share a handful of them!