Starting my own business was game changing

Having my own business was only something I had dreamed about.  Then finding a consumable product that was high end home fragrance, without having the overhead and expenses that go in to a new business, I knew this was a win/win for me! 

Add in having extra money, making new friends, building confidence, and having freedom and flexibility to work when and where I wanted, I’m sure you can see why I’ve been doing this for eleven years now!

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Have you ever dreamed of having your own business?

Having the freedom to work the hours you want, with the flexibility of working where ever you want, it sounds too good to be true, right?  But it’s not.  I’m proof of that!  Coming from a corporate environment, having this freedom and flexibility has been so rewarding.  I get to do things that I feel are helpful to my business, as well as fun!  And I get a little extra kick out of being able to go do something fun right smack in the middle of my day, without having to ask permission or get ‘time off’!  

It’s also very rewarding when you begin to grow a team!  To encourage them, to cheer them on when they hit their goals or have successes along the way, to watch their confidence grow when they are stepping out of their comfort zone to build their own business, it’s all so inspiring!

And truly, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of having your own business.

dana loukanis pink zebra

A few other benefits of starting your own Pink Zebra business...

No big start up cost.  Just the cost of the kit and a monthly website fee.  It’s all you need!  No brick and mortar building or big overhead for products and employees!

Tons of training is available for free!  From me, other leaders on our team, and our home office, there is so much training at your fingertips for free!  

Lots of incentives are out there too!  If you are one that likes to set a goal, we have some great goals to strive for with great prizes and incentives to earn along the way!

Freedom, FUN, and Flexibility are what I'm all about!

Pink Zebra Dana Lea Loukanis


Freedom to work your business as you want.  Parties, events, one-on-one, networking groups, and social media are just a few of the ways to work your business!  

dana loukanis pink zebra


Work your business, and have fun at the same time! Attend team meetings, work with customers, learn from other consultants, explore new opportunities to share, it’s all fun!  

dana loukanis pink zebra


Work when and where you want to. Around the kids schedule, around a full time job or just when you need a little extra cash.  Flexibility from a career in Direct Sales is unmatched!

Dana is the most amazing leader and friend you can ever have. Clear and positive vision, courageous, a voice of her own, passionate, great listener, great leader, I could add so many more. I have been in Team RockinPZ for years now and she inspires us and influences us in the most natural ways. We are extremely thankful to have her.

— Melissa Blouin, Pink Zebra CANADA, Team RockinPZ

Why Team RockinPZ?


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